deed 心动不如行动
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n. ① 行为;行动。如:
Deeds are fruits, words are but leaves.
To help the poor is a good deed. 帮助贫苦者是件好事。
② [律] 契据;证书。如:
I have the deeds of the house. 我有这所房子的房契。
do heroic deeds 做出英雄事迹
in deed 行动上
in deed as well as in name名副其实
[小试] 翻译下列句子。
1. 总有一天他要为自己的恶劣行径付出代价的。
2. 父母能通过言行教给孩子价值观。
3. 当别人需要帮助时,行动胜过言语。
1. One day he will pay for his evil deeds.
2. Parents can teach children their values by word and deed.
3. Deeds are better than words when people are in need of help.
                                                     安徽 陈光明


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